By Michelle Sandstrom, TheDailyMeal --

You might be visiting Salt Lake for business, perhaps you have a convention to attend. Or you might just be there for fun, hitting the slopes! For whatever reason you’re traveling, there is probably someone important back at home you need to bring a gift home for. The Daily Meal shares the scoop on the best places to buy gifts in Salt Lake, for anyone on your list.

The Kids- Take the time to visit JouJou, one of the greatest toy stores you’ll find just about anywhere. This little shop is located in The Grand America Hotel, which was built to handle the influx of visitors to the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. JouJou might be small but they have unique puzzles, wooden toys, books, tutus, and more, that will please your kids. Plan to spend more time browsing then you think you’ll need, grownups will be equally enchanted by the displays, as the children will be by their gifts.

The Sweetheart- There is no better gift for your sweetheart then chocolates or other confections. La Bonne Vie, meaning the good life, is a charming little bakery also located in The Grand America Hotel. The beautiful multi-colored macaroons or other little treats will absolutely delight. It probably wouldn’t hurt to bring back something for your sister too.

The Boss- Take a short trip to Park City, about 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake. Enjoy the gorgeous views on the drive up and stop for lunch at the High West Distillery and Saloon. In addition to a juicy monster burger and fun lunch cocktails, you can pick up a bottle of the fine whiskey distilled right on site. This is a gift that will be sure to put you in the bosses good graces when you get back from vacation.