Sandy, UT (March 24, 2011) -- After months of anticipation, excitement and exhibit building, the ‘Animal Superheroes!' exhibit opens Friday, April 1, 2011 at The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, Utah.

This is no April Fools' Day joke. There really is such thing as a Bird Poop frog and it has an amazing ability to hide in plain sight. Environmental forces have motivated animals to creatively adapt in nature. From camouflage to agility to acute senses, some animals have managed to defy death, defeat predators, and rule their environment. Many animal abilities continue to leave experts baffled.

"Superheroes have been very popular in the media the past few years, and many of their abilities are based on natural abilities possessed by animals. We wanted to show that animals have some very unique abilities," said Andy Allison, Curator of Animals. "This exhibit also offers the public a chance to see animals they wouldn't normally see in Utah and to learn some very interesting facts about them."

The animal kingdom has long been a mysterious one for humans and every day we learn something new about it. The Living Planet Aquarium will feature some animals with amazing superpowers, beyond the five senses humans possess. From venom power to the power of shock, you are guaranteed to see some animals that just seem out-of-this-world!

‘Animal Superheroes!' will feature Green Tree Pythons, Mountain King snakes, Zebra Mantis Shrimp, Ghost Catfish, Mudskippers, Archerfish, Madagascar Giant Day Geckos and many more! It will be a fun and educational experience in several other ways as well. Video displays will teach guests how some species have evolved to be able to adapt to their surroundings and why they have such unique abilities and behaviors.

"This exhibit is significant in fulfilling our mission ‘to engage people to explore, discover and learn about Earth's diverse ecosystems'," said Angie Hyde, Director of PR & Marketing. "The Living Planet Aquarium showcases ecosystems, why they are important to us and how each ecosystem is connected, making one global ecosystem, The Living Planet."

More information about The Living Planet Aquarium is available online, or by calling (801) 355-FISH (3474)