By Chloe Pantazi, Thrillist -- When it comes to visiting a new city, attractions, food, and nightlife all make the experience. But arguably, how locals treat you can make the biggest impact. So which city's the most willing to show tourists a good time? 

According to a recent Travel + Leisure survey, it's none other than Nashville! T+L's survey asked readers for the city that's made them feel most welcome, and Tennessee's capital beat the crowd for its Southern charm, unparalleled music scene, abundant food trucks, and for being home to some of the hottest people in the country. Talk about a winning combination.

Next up, Salt Lake City -- where everyone's super friendly. But really, the city was rated second because of outdoor activities like skiing and apres-skiing, a sport in its own right. St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN, charmed their way to third place, with the Twin Cities proving that good things come in pairs. It helps that both offer plenty of good craft beer and free museums, while residents are deemed some of the most active in the nation.

The rest of the top 10 mostly comprised warmer climates, with cities in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana making the list, except Pittsburgh, PA, at no. 7, which got top marks for its free transit, sandwiches with fries inside, and passionate sports fans. Just remember they're only friendly when the Steelers are winning, though.