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Posts from October 2011

  • Utah Ski Rental Company Adds Locations Just Ahead of its 25th Anniversary

    Salt Lake City, Utah – Ski ‘N See Ski Shops in Utah announces plans to open two more ski and snowboard shops, adding to its growing convenience across the Wasatch Front. “We can’t have a ski shop in every neighborhood, so we try to be strategic about placing shops that are either at or en route to Utah’s major ski resorts,” says Owner Roy

  • Eons of natural history on display at new Utah museum

    By Leah Messinger, -- Utah will soon have a first-rate museum to exhibit the state's impressive cultural and geographical history. On November 18, the Natural History Museum of Utah will open its $102.5 million Rio Tinto Center, which includes 10 permanent galleries spread over 34,000 square feet of exhibit space. The new center, which

  • First Peek at Utah's City Creek Center reveals some dazzle

    By Lesley Mitchell Salt Lake Tribune 10.26.2011 With features such as two 18-foot waterfalls, fountains for water and fire shows, a trout pond and massive retractable roofs, Taubman Centers is striving for a "wow" factor at its City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City. The shopping center owner and operator provided the first public

  • Salt Lake International Airport awards new taxi contracts

    December 2011 Update: The new cab companies will not be starting in November as planned due to litigation. The incumbent companies will continue to operate until the situation is worked through the court system. By Jasen Lee, Deseret News, Oct. 25, 2011 SALT LAKE CITY — Passengers at Salt Lake City International Airport will hail a new ride

  • Salt Lake City's Bohemian Rhapsody

    By Nino Padova, VIA Magazine -- Salt Lake City sings with a cosmopolitan face-lift, a hip arts scene, and trendy restaurants. In a dark theater that was once a Mormon church, a man in his pajamas talks to a 12-foot angel. A mile away, a conceptual artist uses old Road Runner cartoons to explore themes of the American West while around the corner

  • Salt Lake City’s Leonardo unveils its meld of art and science

    Ben Fulton, Salt Lake Tribune -- With its interactive displays and a mammoth art installation that responds to human touch, The Leonardo opened its doors Saturday morning to proclaim its unique status among Utah museums. True to its namesake Renaissance man, The Leonardo began life in concept as an attempt to meld science, art and even current

  • A City’s Evolution

    By Kevin Woo, ONE+ -- Not long ago, Jan Sneegas began planning her organization's 2009 annual event. As she ran through the list of requirements she concluded that nothing was overly onerous. The host city (preferably a West Coast destination) needed enough meeting space to accommodate 3,500 attendees during plenary sessions. The host hotels and

  • Greater Salt Lake and Beyond: Where meetings, mountains and the arts merge

    By Joan Christensen, Smart Meetings -Back in July 1847, when legendary Mormon leader Brigham Young pronounced "this is the place" to the group of determined pioneers who followed him out west, he certainly wasn't talking about meetings and conventions. And yet, 164 years later, that pronouncement is just as apt for meeting planners and convention