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Posts from October 2006

Ski Salt Lake: Green, But Not with Envy


With wilderness areas becoming more and more coveted, the call for environmental protection is stronger now than ever before. Proudly answering this call is Ski Salt Lake—with its four resorts taking special measures to conserve our valuable resources and preserve the pristine environment they call home. Salt Lake, long respected as one of the

Kaitlin Ye To Be SLCVB Employee


The Salt Lake CVB recently announced the appointment of Kaitlin Ye as its new Director of Tourism Sales-Ski. In her role, Ye is responsible for the promotion and sales of Salt Lake’s world-class inventory of skiing at the four Cottonwood Resorts--Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude--and the myriad of amenities and attractions complementing the

Salt Lake CVB Promotes Mack to V.P. of Services


The Salt Lake CVB recently announced the appointment of Michael Mack to Vice President of Services, a new position responsible for overseeing the consolidation of all CVB service departments: convention & client, visitor and membership. The CVB’s service departments are largely responsible for the myriad of awards bestowed upon the organization