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Salt Lake: Best of the Best


When it comes to rankings and ratings, Salt Lake tops the list in a number of categories, from the quality of life to accessibility, business growth to outdoor recreation...and more. Below is a list of some of Salt Lake's strengths according to the experts -- those who've actually visited for business or pleasure. Click the highlighted news outlets

The New Eccles Theater will be the Cultural Hub of Downtown Salt Lake


Salt Lake City, UT — The transformation of Salt Lake that began with the 2012 completion of City Creek, the retail and urban living development in the heart of downtown, will reach a crescendo this fall with the opening of the George S. and Delores Eccles Theater, the crowning glory to a thriving new cultural district. For summer visitors, winter

Why You Should Start Planning Your Trip to Salt Lake City, Punk!


By Shannon Dell, The Strange & New You can actually get decently drunk here. Don't ever let anyone tell you Salt Lake City doesn't party. It definitely does, even if beer on tap can't be more than 3.2% alcohol. Just ignore that minor detail and throw back the bottles instead. For starters, check out Beer Bar, which is a self-described

Hotel Hotspot | Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City


By Tillie Eze, StyleCartel — During my trip to Utah’s capital city, I stayed at Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City. Located in the bustling downtown area, this property houses more amenities than meets the eye. Due to my packed schedule, and unfortunately short stay, appreciating all of these extras weren’t possible. But the few I could take in were

Salt Lake City Boasts Exciting New Identity


By Dan Johnson, Smart Meetings — Traditionally regarded as a quiet, conservative destination, Salt Lake City is undergoing an exciting transformation that is broadening its identity and appealing to much greater variety of travelers and potential residents. This phenomenon, which is sparked in part by Visit Salt Lake (the convention and