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Posts from June 2009

Utah's private clubs fade into history Wednesday


Lisa Riley Roche, Deseret News -- Starting Wednesday, Utah's private clubs won't be so private anymore. That's when the new law eliminating private club membership requirements takes effect, turning

Utah relaxing liquor laws to entice tourists


Utah's liquor laws are set to relax July 1, bringing them more in line with those of the rest of the nation, but don't expect Salt Lake City to morph into Sin City any time soon. "It's not like we

Visitors Bureau extends ski pass idea to golfing


Because the super pass idea has worked so well stimulating tourist interest in skiing Salt Lake County's resorts, why not try it with golfing in the summer? And why not make it available to locals,

Nonstop flight from Utah to Tokyo begins


SALT LAKE CITY -- A nonstop flight from Tokyo is making its way to Salt Lake City. The 12-hour flight is the first in a new service from Delta Air Lines. It is the first time Salt Lake City will see