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Posts from May 2014



By David Aldridge, From Ballparks to BBQ -- I had the opportunity to visit Salt Lake City a couple weeks ago for the first time and I’ve been raving about it ever since. Though my wife and I

Savouring Salt Lake


By Christine Laroche, -- With its seemingly endless, undeniably picturesque mountain terrain, Utah is a much-loved playground for outdoor enthusiasts. And, though the ratio of hiking

A Love Letter To Salt Lake City, By Ty Burrell

5/21/2014 -- Dear Salt Lake City, Ours has been a relatively brief love, but a strong one nonetheless. I met you in 1999 when I did a play at the Pioneer Theatre Company as a way of

Car-Centric Salt Lake City Explores Alternatives


By Josh Sanburn, Time Magazine -- In Utah, a booming region works to curb its reliance on the automobile. Tricia Saldanha lives in downtown Salt Lake City and often takes TRAX–the city’s light-rail

Set Aside Preconceptions About Salt Lake Dining


By Michelle Sandstron ( -- What are your pre-conceived ideas about dining in Salt Lake City? Do you fear the food choices will be low quality, nothing but bad chain restaurants and