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Posts from May 2014


    By David Aldridge, From Ballparks to BBQ -- I had the opportunity to visit Salt Lake City a couple weeks ago for the first time and I’ve been raving about it ever since. Though my wife and I were only able to visit for a day, we both came away extremely impressed with everything about our experience. The beauty of the snow-capped

  • Bar review: Copper Common rises to fill Plum Alley void

    By Anne Wilson, special to The Salt Lake Tribune -- For all I know, fans of the now-closed Plum Alley are still mourning its succulent pork belly buns and those steaming bowls of ramen soup, an antidote for whatever ailed you, whether it was a hangover or an inversion-inspired funk. But here’s something to help mourners move more quickly

  • Savouring Salt Lake

    By Christine Laroche, -- With its seemingly endless, undeniably picturesque mountain terrain, Utah is a much-loved playground for outdoor enthusiasts. And, though the ratio of hiking boots to heels changes in Salt Lake City, the state capital nonetheless offers small-town charm amid plenty of big-city comforts. Stay: The

  • A Love Letter To Salt Lake City, By Ty Burrell -- Dear Salt Lake City, Ours has been a relatively brief love, but a strong one nonetheless. I met you in 1999 when I did a play at the Pioneer Theatre Company as a way of spending more time near my girlfriend, now wife, Holly. I loved you immediately for your humility and your unassuming nature. Over the next 10 years my

  • Dining and Nightlife | A Renaissance (and Revolt) Story in SLC

    By Jese Dean, Downtown Alliance - Salt Lake City has reinvented itself dramatically over the past decade, thanks to the creativity and innovation of passionate Utahns who are taking ownership of their urban center. This energy is especially palpable in dining and nightlife with restaurants and bars thriving in spite of strict quotas on state

  • The Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass is Your Ticket to Summer Fun

    SALT LAKE CITY (Spring 2014) –The Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass allows locals and visitors to take full advantage of the city’s proximity to both urban and mountain adventures. The pass is a streamlined and cost-saving way to enjoy 13 of Salt Lake’s top attractions and is the next best thing to having a personal travel planner book your “fun

  • Doubling Down: Why DMOs Are Partnering With Economic Development Agencies

    By Jennifer N. Dienst, Convene Magazine -- Earlier this year, Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) released the findings of its annual Convention Sales & Marketing Activities Study, which — for the first time ever — posed questions to 150 destination-marketing CEOs about their relationship with their local government's

  • Car-Centric Salt Lake City Explores Alternatives

    By Josh Sanburn, Time Magazine -- In Utah, a booming region works to curb its reliance on the automobile. Tricia Saldanha lives in downtown Salt Lake City and often takes TRAX–the city’s light-rail line–to go shopping or run errands. It’s easier to hop on and off than to drive, and parking tickets aren’t a concern. But when Saldanha, 26, visits

  • Set Aside Preconceptions About Salt Lake Dining

    By Michelle Sandstron ( -- What are your pre-conceived ideas about dining in Salt Lake City? Do you fear the food choices will be low quality, nothing but bad chain restaurants and fast food? Fortunately for those traveling here, this is not the case. The fine dining scene in Salt Lake is in a state of fluctuation and new,

  • Modern Family‚Äôs Ty Burrell Enhances Salt Lake Night Life

    By Michelle Sandstrom ( -- Salt Lake City isn’t exactly known for it’s bar scene. The Mormon church, which is extremely active in Salt Lake, doesn’t allow members to consume alcohol and has a huge amount of influence on state law. This includes statutes governing liquor. However, things are changing. Due to recent amendments to