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Utah High School Crowns Transgender Prom Queen


By KATIE KINDELAN, Good Morning America -- A day after 17 million people watched former Olympian Bruce Jenner tell ABC News’ Diane Sawyer that he identifies as a woman, a crowd of Utah high school students watched as their transgender fellow classmate was crowned prom queen. Maka Brown, 18 and a senior at Salt Lake School for Performing Arts,



By Chloe Pantazi, Thrillist -- When it comes to visiting a new city, attractions, food, and nightlife all make the experience. But arguably, how locals treat you can make the biggest impact. So which city's the most willing to show tourists a good time? According to a recent Travel + Leisure survey, it's none other than Nashville! T+L's

Our Burning Festival passion for Salt Lake City


By Alex Bell, Motorhome Republic -- With its Carnival of Mirrors theme, Burning Man Festival 2015 is shaping up to be the best ever. Demand for tickets is through the roof, which means RV rentals for Burning Man are also selling out fast. While it’s extremely difficult to book a motorhome pick-up in spots such as Reno, San Francisco and LA, due to

For the Eighth Year in a Row, Utah Takes Top Rank for Best Economic Outlook


Arlington, VA (April 8, 2015) — Utah again earns the top spot for states with the best economic outlook, followed by North Dakota, Indiana, North Carolina and Arizona, according to the newest edition of Rich States, Poor States released today by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The report also revealed many states

Salt Lake City: Best City to Live and Work Remotely for Outdoor Enthusiasts


By Jessica Fredrickson for High Speed Internet -- Salt Lake City is a utopia for the outdoorsman remote worker. Telecommuting in the US grew by 79.7% between 2005 and 2012 (Global Workplace Analytics). The newfound ease of telecommuting lets workers choose to live in places that enhance their lives instead of just living where they work. For some,

Communities throughout Utah are abuzz with growth


By Jeff Heilman, Meetings Focus Magazine -- Each year, the influential California-based Milken Institute ranks America’s most economically stable and vital centers in its “Best-Performing Cities” report. In the latest edition, published in January 2015, Utah appears twice in the top 10, with Provo-Orem at No. 3 and Salt Lake City at No. 6.