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Posts from January 2015

Salt Lake puts city, mountain fun within reach


By Moira McCarthy, The Boston Herald -- Even the most die-hard mountain vacation lover gets that hankering from time to time. “I want a city vacation.” After all, visiting a new city can be

The Food Lover’s Guide to Salt Lake City


By Teresa Tobat, The Daily Meal -- Salt Lake City beckons with mountains, gorgeous scenery, and surprisingly tasty eats. I won’t lie; I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by this town. But boy, I

Five myths about ski vacations


By Everett Potter, Special for USA Today -- As the cost of ski vacations continues to rise, there's a perception that ski resorts cater only to the well-heeled and are more interested in selling

Salt Lake is the 6th Best-Performing City


The Milken Institute publishes an annual report ranking America's "Best-Performing Cities" in terms of economic stability and vitality, and this year Salt Lake City once again landed in the top ten.

Utah Offers More Mountains in Less Time


By Mark Sissons for The Huffington Post -- "You're gonna love skiing in Utah on a Sunday morning because all the Mormons are in church," jokes the Ogden hotel clerk as my brother and I check out at

The Secret’s Getting Out: Salt Lake’s the Place!


Utah Business Magazine -- The national media is picking up on Salt Lake’s transformation into a world-class tourism destination featuring incredible food, endless shopping, unique activities and