March 14-18, 2023

Salt Lake Welcomes

The American College
of Medical Genetics
and Genomics


ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting: March 14-18 • Exhibit Dates: March 15-17 • Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah • March 18: ACMG/SIMD Joint Session


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Salt Lake offers much more than world-class service and stunning scenery (though we are pretty proud of those). Salt Lake City has become an exciting foodie destination with a diverse and lively nightlife scene. And with Salt Lake's museums, festivals, incredible shopping, and awesome live-music venues, you won't even dream of hanging out in your hotel room during your downtime.

What happens when you find so many fun things to do that you can't fit them all in? You turn that business trip into a vacation and add a day or two to your stay (it's called a bizcation). 

A few things we think you might enjoy:

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Here's all the information you'll need for your time in Salt Lake.  

For the “epicurious,” Salt Lake is quite the adventure. We do traditional. But we also do unconventional. You’ll find a surprisingly…

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