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Frequently Asked

Sometimes you need an answer right away. While we love to hear from you, and are happy to answer any question you might have, we've compiled this list of our most frequently asked questions so you can get your answer sooner than later.

Where can I find more information about visiting the National Parks in Utah?

Utah is a great place to visit the great outdoors, whether in National Parks, Recreation Areas, State Parks, or wilderness areas. You can find more information about State and National parks on our site, on the US Park Service site, or on the Utah State Parks site.

What events will be happening when I am in town?

Visit Salt Lake is partners with, a comprehensive calendar of events for things that are happening in Salt Lake and across Utah. You can do a simple search for Salt Lake events here or visit to browse what's going on.

Can I float in the Great Salt Lake? Where?

Antelope Island State Park is a short drive to the North on I-15. There you will find improved beaches and showers at Bridger Bay. The lake is so salty that you will float like a cork!

Can you provide me with a list of dining and activities in Salt Lake?

Our website has a very useful array of search tools to help you plan your stay in Salt Lake. Use the links on the left to search for Things to Do and Resatuarants. The convenient search tools allow you to limit your search by area (use "Downtown" to keep results limited to near the Salt Palace Convention Center) or by cuisine or activity.

What will the weather be like when I am in Salt Lake?

Salt Lake has four distinct seasons, with weather that varies widely across those seasons. Check out the overview of the weather in Salt Lake for more details.

When does the ski season start/end?

The ski season typically starts in November, with the Ski Salt Lake resorts usually open for Thanksgiving weekend. Conditions normally permit skiing into mid-April, with unusually snowy years providing opportunities for skiing into July.

I would like to see a Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance. When can I do that? Do I need tickets?

There are generally two opportunities per week to see and hear the choir. Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. Please visit the choir website for locations, times, and special performances.

What is your public transportation system like? Can I get to and from where I need to go using only public transportation?

Salt Lake's public transportation system is run by the Utah Transit Authority. They provide Ski Bus service (typically begins in mid-December and ends early April), Trax light-rail, Front runner commuter rail, and regular bus service along the Wasatch Front (Salt Lake and the areas to the north and south). For bus routes and specific transportation questions, visit