You're a busy planner looking for unique and engaging ways to bring your Salt Lake tour to life, so we've created nine themed itineraries ready for you to use, combine, or add to as your needs require.


How does YOUR genealogical tree grow? Cultivate the next branch on your family tree with our Green Thumb Genealogy Package. Duration: 5-7 days. more
You really can float in the Great Salt Lake! And you can hike and view wildlife on its biggest island. Check out our suggestions for your tour to Salt Lake's namesake. Duration: 4-6 hours. more
With the Family History Library, Salt Lake is the genealogy capitol of the world. But you don't have to be a dedicated researcher to enjoy this tour; friendly guides at the Family Search Center are ready to help even ... more
Duration: 1.5 - 5 hours. more
Duration: 3-6 hours. more
Duration: 5-6 hours. more
Duration: 4-6 hours. more
Duration: 6 hours. more
Numerous performance venues—from Temple Square to Lagoon Amusement Park—workshop options, and evening activities make Salt Lake the perfect location for performing group trips.
Duration: 1-7 days. more