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Solitude Mountain Resort hosts an Avalanche Rescue Dog demo several times throughout the ski season, and attendance ranges from 50 to 150. Mock avalanche rescues and a brief overview of recovery procedures are conducted by ski patrol at the base of the Apex lift. Here, the highly trained dogs of Solitude’s K-9 Avalanche Rescue Program show off their skills.
Instructors from 3 Salt Lake resorts share ski tips, favorite runs, and more.
This is the moment you've been waiting for all year. Don't screw it up by hurting yourself or being too sore to put on your ski boots the next day. These simple tips can help ensure you're ready to charge on day 2, 3, and 4.
When the snow falls this season, will you be ready? These 10 pre-season ski-conditioning exercises will help you hit the slopes ripping.
Staying warm is essential to an enjoyable day on the slopes. Here's how to beat the cold.
Keep your kiddos happy, keep yourself happy. Oh, and make sure your kids learn a few things about skiing.
Solitude resort eschews razzle-dazzle in favor of something more meaninful: a ski run to yourself, a lively dinner conversation, high-stakes family board games, or a walk through silent nighttime aspens.
The Ski City Shootout is an annual ski photography contest that brings the most talented athletes and photographers together in the Wasatch Mountains.
Stepping up your ski game is all in your head. Here's how to overcome those mental roadblocks.
Ski City's terrain sits as high as 10,550 feet. Acclimating will ensure you're able to enjoy it to the max.
Die-hards don't wait until the first powder day; they head to the resorts as soon as the lifts start up. Here's how to make the most of opening day.
Woot! Ski City resorts are in North America's Top 10.
How to stay warm, smiling, and safe while you save money by shredding after sundown.
Meet George Jedenoff, a member of the Wild Ol' Bunch of Alta, Utah and a wonderful source of wisdom when it comes to lifelong skiing.
Breaking up with winter is hard. Here's how to deal with your feelings.
Ever wonder what Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, and Solitude look like without their winter clothes on?