Ski City

Super Savings

Save on everything from snowy mountain lodges to modern hotels in the heart of city life.


No car? No problem.

The best part of staying in Ski City is the close proximity of everything we have to offer. Not only are things close, they’re conveniently accessible to everyone with the use of our state-of-the-art transit system and shuttle services.

Rocket Fuel
For over 30 years, Canyon Transportation has provided traveling skiers with reliable service and peace of mind. Friendly, experienced drivers and a fleet of fully winter-equipped vehicles are ready to take you to and from the Salt Lake airport and The Greatest Snow on Earth.
The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) ski bus typically runs from early December to early April, and will take you from the mouth of the canyons to any of the four Ski City resorts. P.S. If you have a Super Pass, ski-bus transportation is FREE.