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By Mimi Slawoff, Los Angeles TravelingMom -- While Utah’s mountain resorts would have liked a bigger snowfall this winter, there’s still plenty of the fluffy white stuff blanketing the slopes to finish out the ski season in style. In fact, now is a great time to enjoy spring skiing conditions as well as a host of ...more
By Dawn Paul, Houston Style Magazine - Born and raised in the South, I usually opt for a vacation spot for a girlfriend getaway that has the warmer climate I’m used to. When I received an invitation from Ski Utah to experience their Girlfriend Getaway, I decided to break out of my warm comfort zone and see what Ut...more
The New York Times -- The Census Bureau asks Americans about subjects as varied as race, age, annual income and even their source of home heating. But there is one glaring demographic omission: The census does not ask people about their sexual orientation. As a result, there has long been a shroud of uncertainty a...more
By Marian Salzman, Forbes -- Austin envy is alive and well, especially on the heels of another jam-packed SXSW, but suddenly Utah is looking like the new benchmark for business and quality of life. A rash of new studies and rankings is proving that the Beehive State, and especially Salt Lake City, is increasingly ...more
By Kathy Stephenson, The Salt Lake Tribune -- Bowman Brown, chef and co-owner of Salt Lake City's Forage restaurant, is once again a semifinalist in the James Beard Foundation Awards, the culinary industry's most prestigious recognition program....more
By Sonja Stark, -- Visitors from around the world are drawn to Salt Lake City for many unique landmarks and attractions. From hiking the Wasatch to learning about dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum to feeding feathered friends at the Tracy Aviary, there’s no shortage of things to do....more
By Spencer Francey, Calgary Herald -- There are thousands of places to ski and snowboard on the planet. So many choices and so many different kinds of places. They all hold their own special magic. Here’s a list of the places on this globe that I’ve been lucky enough to visit once, twice and even more. Those mome...more
By MARINA HARSS, The New York Times -- “We suffer physical pain and shocking injuries,” a female voice intones as images of calloused and bandaged toes flash across the screen. “There’s rivalry,” says a pretty brunette, “and relationships.” Cut to a glimpse of an anxious dancer biting her lip in the studio, follow...more
03/02/2015 -- For decades in the U.S., our downtowns were places where we worked. We would drive in during the morning rush hour and drive back out during the evening rush hour. Suburban malls had drained our downtown cores and our Main Streets of retail and department stores. We had essentially sucked all th...more
By Grant Marek, Thrillist -- Fact: I knew zero facts about drinking in Utah before writing this guide to drinking in Utah. I honestly wasn't 100% sure they had bars, and if they did, I was 1,000% sure they only served 3.2% ABV beers. And liquor? Hahaha, no. I had worked it out in my mind that the reason High West ...more
By Larry Olmsted, Special for USA TODAY -- The scene: There is a lot of history behind Salt Lake City's uniquely Greek hamburger scene, which began with an influx of immigrants from the Mediterranean over a century ago. The large Greek community found employment in many industries, including restaurants, but it to...more
By Hilary Nangle, Boston Globe -- Art, culture, music, sports, science, technology, and world-class skiing: Welcome to Ski City: Salt Lake City, Utah. Book a direct flight from Boston’s Logan airport, and the rest is easy peasy. Light rail, TRAX, connects the airport to the downtown, and the fee is a mere $2.50. C...more
By VacationIdea, Dream Travel Magazine -- Most children are interested in science while growing up and if you nurture their interest it will blossom into a life-long passion for exploring the wonders of the natural world. A hands-on exhibit, workshop or an enthusiastic speaker will make kids even more excited to l...more
By Moira McCarthy, The Boston Herald -- Even the most die-hard mountain vacation lover gets that hankering from time to time. “I want a city vacation.” After all, visiting a new city can be an adventure in itself. Discovering restaurants, museums, quirky neighborhoods, architecture and history is a blast. But i...more
By Teresa Tobat, The Daily Meal -- Salt Lake City beckons with mountains, gorgeous scenery, and surprisingly tasty eats. I won’t lie; I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by this town. But boy, I totally was. Not only is the city beautiful, but its downtown is quaint, clean, and more than worth the trip. Use this g...more
By Everett Potter, Special for USA Today -- As the cost of ski vacations continues to rise, there's a perception that ski resorts cater only to the well-heeled and are more interested in selling valuable real estate than supporting a venerable winter sport. Here's the truth behind five current myths about skiing....more
The Milken Institute publishes an annual report ranking America's "Best-Performing Cities" in terms of economic stability and vitality, and this year Salt Lake City once again landed in the top ten....more
The Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj recently sat down with Salt Lake's Lloyd Pendleton, director of the Utah Homeless Task Force, to get the details on Salt Lake's unprecedented reduction in homelessness....more
By Mark Sissons for The Huffington Post -- "You're gonna love skiing in Utah on a Sunday morning because all the Mormons are in church," jokes the Ogden hotel clerk as my brother and I check out at dawn. We're bound for Solitude Resort, the last stop on our attempt to ski five of Utah's top resorts in five days....more
Utah Business Magazine -- The national media is picking up on Salt Lake’s transformation into a world-class tourism destination featuring incredible food, endless shopping, unique activities and exciting adventures. The latest article singing the praises of Utah’s capital city is featured in Sherman’s Travel, wh...more
By Tim Newcomb, Sports Illustrated -- As the winter season descends upon us, we'll take you around the globe to explore some of the best mountains in the world for skiing and snowboarding. First, we'll break down the best slopes in the state of Utah....more
By Leah Still for Shermans Travel -- Before the rest of the world catches on, discover these five American cities that are gaining traction in the areas of fine arts, fine food, and fine beverages....more
By Valory Reed, Locale Magazine -- #SaltLake is trending—trending in a really big way. Salt Lake is one of America’s five new foodie cities, three of its mountains are in the 2015 Top Ski Resorts—the Snowbird, Alta and Solitude. It has also been named the least stressed city. Furthermore, it is home to the number ...more
By Alex Bell, -- Dreaming of the ultimate White Christmas? The capital of Utah, Salt Lake City is the perfect Christmas holiday destination. After landing at SLC Airport and collecting your car rental, a winter wonderland lies at your doorstep. This mountainous region is renowned for having the ...more
By Christopher Steiner, Forbes -- As we arrive here at the precipice of a new winter, we’re pleased once again to offer you the Forbes Top 10 U.S. Ski Resorts. These are the best ski resorts in the United States. The mountains haven’t moved and what constitutes snow hasn’t changed, but this year’s list was put tog...more
BY FREESKIER MAGAZINE-- College rules—big time. Out-of-this-world parties, gorgeous babes, no parents, spontaneous adventures and plenty of bad (good) decisions to be made along the way. Of course, you might learn a thing or two in the classroom, as well. Here at FREESKIER, though, it’s our duty to inform you that...more
By Megan Marsden Christensen, -- It’s a good year to live in Utah. The Beehive State was recently ranked the No. 1 best place to be in business in 2014 by Forbes. The ranking is based on 36 data points across six main areas, including business costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, economic climate, ...more
By Lucy Burningham, New York Times -- In a place known more for proximity to powdery ski slopes than perfect espresso pulls, it’s easy to assume Salt Lake City couldn’t breed advanced coffee geek culture....more
By Brigid Mander, Teton Gravity Research -- An unprecedented superstorm/polar vortex is currently bearing down on the continental United States, which means that if you’ve just realized it’s high time you were able to ski every day starting next week, this is the time of year to figure out where which ski town you...more
By Gaylen Webb, The Economic Review -- What do 12,000 Utahns have in common with Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Sandra Day O'Connor, 68 percent of the women in Congress and 93 percent of NASA's female astronauts? Girl Scouts. The 53rd Convention of Girl Scouts of the USA wrapped up in Salt Lake City on Oct. 19...more
By Gabe Saglie, ABC News -- Salt Lake City is a gateway to the West -– a centrally located destination where ski buffs flock in winter and where travelers, year round, come for food, art and a growing arts scene....more
By Randall Weissman, Chicago Tribune -- This city's new slogan, SkiCityUSA, is especially apt because eight major ski resorts are within an hour's drive of the airport....more
The Associated Press -- When you think of tech startups, you probably think Northern California. Companies there receive the largest share of funding from venture capitalists, but there are several other notable pockets around the country, including the fast rising Southern California coastline that techies have d...more
By Steve Jermanok, Global Traveler -- Not unlike many cities in North America, the wide streets of downtown Salt Lake City used to be practically deserted once the business day ended. Workers might stay late to catch a performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or have a business dinner at Christopher’s Prime Stea...more
By, Christy Karras ( -- Salt Lake City doesn’t exactly have a reputation as a nightlife hotspot, but its family-oriented culture long ago spawned a lively counterculture that in recent years has come of age in a big way....more
The Greatist -- The verdict is in: 20-somethings want to live in cities. The question then becomes: Which urban centers offer the best situation for those in their 20s? Some things at the top of young adults’ wish lists are universally agreeable (cheap rent, a good job market, and great public transportation). Oth...more
By and Lilit Marcus for Conde Nast Traveler -- Because of its large population of Mormons who don’t drink alcohol, Utah gets the reputation for being a dry state. However, we’re happy to report that’s not the case—yes, you can get drunk in Utah. Here are a couple of spots in the Salt Lake City/Park Cit...more
By Kathy Stephenson, The Salt Lake Tribune -- Utah beer brewers brought home five medals and a presentation award during the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) held in Colorado this past weekend. Earning Utah’s only gold was the Utah Brewers Cooperative for Squatters Hell’s Keep, an entry in the Belgian-style str...more
By Lydia Warren for MailOnline -- If you're feeling a bit blue, it might be time to move to Utah. The state has been named the happiest in the country by a new study - while West Virginia has been named the most unhappy. After comparing 27 different factors including mental and physical health, job security, suici...more
By Whitney Evans, Deseret News -- SALT LAKE CITY — For the second time in a little more than a decade, Salt Lake City will become a host to people of many nationalities and religions throughout the world. Instead of welcoming the Olympic community, the city will host the Parliament of the World's Religions in Octo...more
By Peggy Fletcher Stack, Religion News Service, Washington Post (SALT LAKE CITY) — The Parliament of the World’s Religions is bringing its message of religious harmony and interfaith engagement to Utah in October 2015 for a historic meeting....more
By Michelle Sandstrom, TheDailyMeal -- Whatever your reason for visiting Salt Lake there is probably someone at home to bring a gift back for!...more
By Jeff Heilman, Meetings Focus -- With its brilliant blue skies, snow-capped peaks, shimmering Bonneville Salt Flats and the reds, oranges, magentas, pinks and related hues painted by the sun and the seasons on its deserts, mountain ranges and legendary national parks, the Utah canvas is splashed with color. Coun...more
By TONY SEMERAD, The Salt Lake Tribune -- They are young, diverse, mobile, socially aware and part of a long-sought transformation in Utah’s urban core. Twenty-somethings are driving a residential boom in the heart of Salt Lake City, with thousands of new apartments, condominiums and town homes being built to cate...more
By Stuart Melling, The Utah Review -- Only one week to go now and the Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 will burst onto downtown SLC like a Cylon Basestar on Dradis. Hmm sorry, I geeked out from excitement there a little. But who could blame me? The impending mega-show gets bigger and brighter by the day, aiming to draw mo...more
By Kelli Nakagama, The Utah Review -- When the greatest snow on earth finally melts in Utah, everyone emerges from hibernation anxious to feel the warmth of the sun. Salt Lake City comes alive with people doing everything and anything outside. Eating is no exception....more
By Christian Neeser, MyLife -- Salt Lake City - # 1. Surrounded by beautiful mountain landscape, Salt Lake City is certainly the most aesthetically pleasing town on our list. But that’s not all the state capital of Utah has to offer recent college graduates. They ranked third in percentage of residents between 25-...more
By Holly Woolard, Smart Meetings -- Celebrating the 100th anniversary of destination marketing this week in Las Vegas at the Aria Hotel & Casino, the Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) endorsed its 2014-15 board of directors during its annual convention. Scott Beck, president and CEO of Visit S...more
By Ben Mutzabaugh, USA Today -- Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) is getting a major overhaul. Work is now underway on a $1.8 billion upgrade that includes a new terminal that will give fliers sweeping views of the nearby Wasatch mountain range. Local and airport officials predict the transformation of th...more
By Heather L. King, Special to The Salt Lake Tribune -- I once heard Eva’s Bakery owner/chef Charlie Perry explain that his vision for the boulangerie — a French term for a bakery that specializes in breads — was to bring Paris back to Utah....more
By Christopher Smart, The Salt Lake Tribune -- After two decades of planning, Salt Lake City will begin today building the airport of tomorrow. The $1.8 billion project will boast a brand-new terminal and, officials say, transform Salt Lake City International into one of the nation’s most efficient airports....more
13% SALT asked the area’s best bartenders and bars to share the cocktails they were most proud of and that were original to the establishment. The bartenders and restauranteurs were asked to share their recipes, so this collection of photos could live as a resource for the home bartender and libation enthusiast. E...more
By Kathy Stephenson, The Salt Lake Tribune -- For several years, Utah distillers have produced award-winning whiskey, vodka and an herbal liqueur. Now, the state can stir gin into the mix. Jack Rabbit Gin, produced by the 6-month-old Beehive Distilling in Salt Lake City, is believed to be the state’s first legally...more
By Elspeth Callender, The Sydney Morning Herald -- MAKING A SCENE: In the last two years the city's restaurant scene has taken off, with more than 35 new restaurants opening. Standouts include the Copper Onion, Pallet, Eva's and Forage, though don't overlook old favourites like Bambara Bistro. It's not just the in...more
By Mike Gorrell, The Salt Lake Tribune -- For a century of support in moving visitors around to see the state’s natural wonders, Lewis Stages received this year’s "tourism achievement award" from Visit Salt Lake. The highest honor handed out by what once was called the convention and visitors bureau, the award rec...more
Anna Maria Chavez (CEO, Girl Scouts USA), The Huffington Post -- Salt Lake is a city on the move: a vibrant financial center that is demonstrating to the world the continued strength of America's economy. It is a place where shrewd leadership, hard work, innovation and determination are creating jobs and opportuni...more
By Ben Cosman, The Wire -- New rankings out Wednesday from CNNMoney break down the most stressed out cities in America. But the real story here: Salt Lake City is the least stressed....more
Alexis Korman ( --Bar hopping in Utah? If you're raising an eyebrow, read on. Salt Lake City is blossoming with new bars and edgy eateries that are pushing the envelope....more
By Kathey Stephenson (Salt Lake Tribune)-- Food trucks along the Wasatch Front continue to roll along, with new offerings hitting the streets all the time....more
Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, is full of intriguing art and culture events this summer. From new museum exhibitions to jazz and art festivals, as well as historical reenactments of Utah’s past, there is a wealth of opportunities to discover the region’s diverse culture and heritage. We bring you our top ten...more
By Kelli Nakagama, The Utah Review -- The Salt Lake City bar scene is finally overflowing with places to drink. Several new bars just joined the scene while old favorites continue to be great standbys. These days there’s a bar for all your drinking needs, you just have to know where to go. Don’t worry, I’ve done ...more
By Nate Storey, New York Times -- Along a once humdrum stretch of Main Street in Salt Lake City, tucked behind a storefront called Bodega — a half ramshackle corner store, half taco-peddling beer tavern — is this subterranean speakeasy, the Rest. Inside is a mishmash world of exotic taxidermy (baboon, Corsican ram...more
By David Aldridge, From Ballparks to BBQ -- I had the opportunity to visit Salt Lake City a couple weeks ago for the first time and I’ve been raving about it ever since. Though my wife and I were only able to visit for a day, we both came away extremely impressed with everything about our experience....more
By Anne Wilson, special to The Salt Lake Tribune -- For all I know, fans of the now-closed Plum Alley are still mourning its succulent pork belly buns and those steaming bowls of ramen soup, an antidote for whatever ailed you, whether it was a hangover or an inversion-inspired funk. But here’s something to help mo...more
By Christine Laroche, -- With its seemingly endless, undeniably picturesque mountain terrain, Utah is a much-loved playground for outdoor enthusiasts. And, though the ratio of hiking boots to heels changes in Salt Lake City, the state capital nonetheless offers small-town charm amid plenty of big-...more
05/21/2014 -- Ty Burrell is best known as Phil Dunphy on ABC's "Modern Family." He's also performed in films, plays and TV shows. Though he hails from Grants Pass, Oregon, he now calls Salt Lake City home, where he owns Beer Bar....more
By Jese Dean, Downtown Alliance - Salt Lake City has reinvented itself dramatically over the past decade, thanks to the creativity and innovation of passionate Utahns who are taking ownership of their urban center. This energy is especially palpable in dining and nightlife with restaurants and bars thriving in spi...more
By Jennifer N. Dienst, Convene Magazine -- Earlier this year, Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) released the findings of its annual Convention Sales & Marketing Activities Study, which — for the first time ever — posed questions to 150 destination-marketing CEOs about their relationship with t...more
By Josh Sanburn, Time Magazine -- In Utah, a booming region works to curb its reliance on the automobile. Tricia Saldanha lives in downtown Salt Lake City and often takes TRAX–the city’s light-rail line–to go shopping or run errands. It’s easier to hop on and off than to drive, and parking tickets aren’t a concern...more
By Michelle Sandstrom ( -- Ty Burrell, one of the stars of hit show Modern Family, has two projects in Salt Lake City that are really spicing up the cities night life....more
By Michelle Sandstron ( -- Salt Lake isn't known for its fine dinning, but new restaurants like Forage will really surprise visitors....more
By Brady McCombs, USA Today — He plays a bumbling dad on ABC's Modern Family, but in Salt Lake City Ty Burrell is trying out for a role as restaurateur. Burrell has just opened Beer Bar, a beer garden-like eatery that serves 150 beers paired up with an array of house-made bratwursts, local breads and Belgian fries...more
By Ted Scheffler, City Weekly -- With spring in the air and baseball back in swing, I find myself veering toward sports bars a little more than usual. The crack of a bat and the snap of opening a cold bottle of brew are two of my favorite sounds. I used to think that sport-themed bars and restaurants were a fairly...more
Economic Review -- What do Fort Worth, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City have in common? Bikes, and lots of them. These cities, among others, launched organized bike share programs in 2013, joining another 40 metropolitan areas with similar programs already in place. Now, going into its second season, and after ab...more
By Nancy Cook, National Journal -- Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker is not your typical Utah politician. For starters, he's a Democrat and a proud progressive in a Red State, the son of a former U.S. ambassador, who grew up in Washington, D.C., and attended a private Episcopal school. Yet, Becker settled in Utah ...more
For those who harbor interests considered nerdy or geekish, not all states are created equal. Estately crunched the numbers to determine which U.S. states have the most nerds per capita....more
By Randy Nelson, Movoto -- Not too big, not too small, these places are just the right size. When it comes to excitement, they’re absolutely huge. We’ve been doing some exciting things here on the Movoto Real Estate Blog. More specifically, we’ve been doing some things involving excitement, or, even more specifica...more
By Erika Brown, Seattleite Magazine -- When one thinks of Utah, the last thought that pops in one’s mind is “beer.” Well friends, having just visited this lovely state, I am pleased to debunk the myth that it is a dry state…er, meaning alcohol is not consumed. Dry in climate? Yes—ten times yes. Dry in alcohol? Def...more
By Kathy Stephenson, The Salt Lake Tribune -- Don’t be fooled by Beer Bar’s simple name. Working behind the scenes to create this German-inspired watering hole — which opens Monday, March 31, in Salt Lake City — has been an eclectic mix of hard-working Utahns including a television star, a celebrity chef, a certif...more
By Sarah Goodyear, The Atlantic Cities -- Here are a few things to know about Robin Hutcheson. She's a Connecticut native who came to Utah in 1994 for the skiing, and except for a few years in Europe, has lived here ever since. Since 2011, she's been head of the transportation planning division of Salt Lake City, ...more
By Tom Wharton, The Salt Lake Tribune - Visit Salt Lake presented two major awards Thursday night at its annual meeting at the Gateway mall. Cannon Tarbet, the tourism group’s national sales manager, won the eighth annual Dianne Nelson Binger Sales Leadership Award, and Jamie Bennett won the Dianne Nelson Binger S...more
Philip Hersh, Chicago Tribune -- The International Olympic Committee’s latest indulgence to wretched excess ended Sunday with the closing ceremony of the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. The IOC sat idly by while Russia passed anti-gay legislation that mocked the Olympic Charter; spent an estimated $51 billion (...more
By Sarah Park, Matador Network -- Best spot on the slopes: Molly Green’s, Brighton Molly Green’s exists precisely for those days when you just can’t be bothered to pull your boots off before tucking into a gigantic heap of nachos. Short of providing beer service on the chairlift, Brighton could not have made apre...more
By Greg Heil, -- While we all love to dream about shredding the best mountain bike destinations in North America, the sad fact is that most of us will only ever get to visit those places…and we have to live somewhere else to pay the bills. So if you can’t spend 365 days per year riding in a world-...more
By Cassidy, Matador Network -- 1. The science: A wonderful phenomenon called the “lake effect” is a major contributor to the champagne snow Utah is famous for. Cold air moves over the warmer water of the Great Salt Lake, water evaporates into the clouds, and more snow falls on the mountains. The science is complex...more
By Marc Peruzzi, Outside Magazine -- There’s a ferocious battle for snowsports business being waged right now between these two western states. So who’s going to win the Wasatch-Front-versus-Front-Range wintry gear smackdown? Marc Peruzzi weighs in....more
By Kathy Stephenson, The Salt Lake Tribune -- Another vodka maker is setting up shop in Utah. This time it’s Salt City Vodka, which will produce spirits at a facility in Midvale.On Tuesday, the state liquor commission granted a manufacturing license to Salt City Vodka’s parent company, Elevation Distilling....more
By Nancy Armour, USA Today -- Ask people their impression of Salt Lake City before the 2002 Olympics, and odds were it wouldn't have been too favorable. "The image people had before was dry, white and Mormon," said Scott Beck, president and CEO of Visit Salt Lake. A dozen years later, Salt Lake City's tourism indu...more
By Diana Lambdin Meyer, Family Vacation Critic -- Alta Ski Resort isn't your typical western U.S. ski resort. Each of the five lodges is independently owned, and there isn't a village center in which skiers typically gather after a day on the slopes. Instead, the public areas and bars and restaurants in each lodge...more
By Mike Gorrell, The Salt Lake Tribune -- A bill to help finance a convention center-headquarters hotel in downtown Salt Lake City sailed through a House committee Wednesday. The House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee voted unanimously to advance the bill to the full House....more
By Jill K. Robinson, SF Gate -- Maybe you thought about it. Perhaps you even looked into getting tickets. But ultimately, the truth must be faced: You're not going to Sochi. The Olympic Winter Games is a spectacle unlike many other modern sporting events. Each host venue practically hums with excitement during ...more
By Elissa Richard, Conde Nast Traveler -- If the Winter Olympic Games are close to your heart, but the Russian edition in Sochi is too far away, don't dismay. These five former Winter Olympics host cities in North America offer world-class winter sports experiences for everyone. Whether you're eager to test your m...more
CareerBliss Team -- Companies based in San Jose, D.C., San Francisco, Vegas and—surprisingly—Salt Lake City keep their work family the happiest!...more
By Allison Tibaldi, Latina Madre -- Salt Lake City has all the amenities of an urban vacation combined with top-notch Rocky Mountain recreational possibilities. The efficient light rail system, TRAX, makes moving around town a breeze. For families seeking city-style fun, the new Natural History Museum of Utah is o...more
By Ty Kiisel, Forbes -- Although Bryan Brandenburg and Dan Farr don’t wear a cape or tights, to comic book and sci-fi fans, they are superheros. Last year’s inaugural Comic Con in Salt Lake City turned out much better than Brandenburg and his partner Dan Farr could have ever imagined. The idea of doing Comic Con w...more
By Sarah Park, Matador Network 1. There are more non-Mormons than Mormons. Sorry to crush your vision of what Salt Lake City is ‘supposed’ to be like, but the Mormon majority is a thing of the past in the city, with the rest of the county not far behind. The non-Mormon population has been on a steady rise for t...more
By Matthew Moretti, The FlipKey Blog 2002: Salt Lake City, Utah -- This was a particularly emotional Games, being the first since the 9/11 attacks and hosted on US soil (the first time since Lake Placid in 1980). Women’s bobsled was entered into the Games for the first time. Extreme sports became a focal point wi...more
By Devin Felix, Utah Business – It’s a sign of the seasons in Salt Lake City. Just as blooming flowers mean spring and the changing leaves mean autumn, the arrival of flocks of men and women wearing puffy coats and lanyards downtown can only mean one thing: The Outdoor Retailer Winter Market has returned. The annu...more
Sunset Magazine (January 2014) -- Looking for the perfect place to launch a career? Start a family? Just relax? We’ve found the ideal city, town, or neighborhood for you. Winner: Best city 'hood: Sugar House, Salt Lake City...more
By Larry Walsh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- An early December ski trip to a western resort can be a gamble in terms of sufficient snow cover to justify the expense and time to get there. But that wasn’t a problem at this Wasatch Mountain ski area less that an hour from the Salt Lake City International Airport, wher...more
Gay List Daily -- Assume the missionary position now. Because you’re headed to Salt Lake City, a surprisingly awesome gay destination. The home base for homo-hating Mormons may not sound like an ideal place to vacation, but once The Advocate named it the best gay city in 2012, we had to check it out for ourselves....more
By Alison DaRosa, San Diego Union-Tribune -- You can teach an old dog new tricks. At least that’s what skier friends kept telling me. I hadn’t skied in 20 years — and even back then I was no whiz kid. But pals insisted it’s easier now. Shorter, fatter parabolic skis make a world of difference, they promised. Boots...more
By Bud Withers, Seattle Times -- With five straight national championships, the Southeastern Conference has pretty much put out of reach the debate on where the best football is played. But we would contend the newly expanded Pac-12 bows to no one for its varied landscape, inspiring geography and recreational purs...more
By Paul E. Kandarian, The Boston Globe -- ALTA, Utah — I came. I skied. I was conquered. Blasting down an intermediate trail of packed powder at Snowbird in Utah last winter, I quickly rediscovered good form after several years off the slopes — until excess speed reminded my childlike mind that my body was 59 year...more
By Jasen Lee, Deseret News — This weekend, about 16,000 people from around the world will descend on Utah’s capital city as part of the third largest convention hosted in the Beehive State this year. Nu Skin Enterprises is hosting its biannual global convention....more
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - There's a new challenge from the state of Utah: Visit all of our National Parks before the end of the year! If you do, and follow a few steps, you can be named a Mighty Five Ambassador....more
Utah Business Magazine - Are certain U.S. cities more "talkative" about brands than others? A new study, "America's Most Talkative Cities," by research company The Keller Fay Group shows that residents of Salt Lake City ranked fourth among U.S. cities when it comes to word-of-mouth consumer conversation....more
Hadassah Magazine, by Esther Hecht -- The Jordan River runs through Salt Lake City, Utah’s mountain-ringed capital. Despite hot, dry summers, it is one of the greenest cities in America, its grid of streets lined with mature shade trees. At the heart of the grid, which is typical of Mormon-built cities, lies Templ...more
By Julie Schwietert Collazo, -- If you want to get your kids started on adventure from the word go, you couldn’t do much better than Salt Lake City....more
By Mike Gorrell, The Salt Lake Tribune - Paying homage to Alta is easy because so much of the reason for doing so comes straight from the heart. Speaker after speaker personalized that point Thursday when Visit Salt Lake conferred its highest honor, the Tourism Achievement Award, on Alta Ski Area for all it has do...more
By Parrish Walton, Connect Magazine -- The first thing you’ll notice when arriving in Salt Lake City is how small it feels. Sure, it has all of the essentials of any major hub, but it doesn’t quite feel like a big city. It’s almost quaint. The Wasatch Mountains on one side and the Rockies on the other seem to insu...more
Brides, one of the five leading national monthly bridal magazines, has ranked the McCune Mansion in Salt Lake City as one of the “Top 50 Romantic Wedding Venues in the U.S.” According to the Condé Nast publication, “whether you're marrying in Michigan or Maui, searching for a fairy-tale castle or a soaring city lo...more
(Larry Olmsted, USA TODAY)--The scene:The Red Iguana sits on a busy commercial street in the Rose Park neighborhood of Salt Lake City, close to downtown and most of the big hotels. It is freestanding, with a large parking lot on one side and a creepy shuttered motel on the other....more
Everett Potter, Everett Potter Travel Report -- In the years since that first visit, I’ve returned to Salt Lake many times and watched it grow, transforming itself into a leading capital of the West....more
By Larry Olmsted, --Some ski resorts embrace the ski lifestyle, with as many resources devoted to non-ski and après-ski experiences as to skiing itself. Others are what we call “skiers’ mountains.” Alta is unabashedly, unapologetically the latter, and has been since it opened the nation’s third chairlif...more
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Utahans are going green with a new program that's seen big success in Washington, D.C., Boulder, Colorado and Madison, Wisconsin. It's a bike share that's sure to change the way people commute. Even in slacks and dress shoes Salt Lake City's new GREENbikes are easy to ride....more
POWDER Magazine -- For the second year in a row, Salt Lake City native Steve Lloyd is the Ski Salt Lake Shootout overall champion. Lloyd beat out a diverse field comprised half of local photographers, and half of professionals from all across the globe, including Alaska, Australia, Cleveland, and Chamonix....more
By Kristen Lummis, Huffington Post Travel -- Looking for a resort off the beaten path this winter? Maybe your kids really rip and you're looking for a fun challenge? Maybe you've got tiny tots who want to ride like mom and dad? Or maybe you're looking for a skiing-centric family retreat for a day or a weekend? Her...more
By Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama -- With its regal architecture, luxurious décor and grand name, you might think the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah caters primarily to adult vacationers. You would be oh-so-very wrong! This upscale hotel goes out of its way to make sure families with children feel wel...more
The Washington Times, Jill Robinson — Nearly every time I hear someone talking about going to Salt Lake City for an outdoor adventure, it’s all about skiing. While that’s certainly a reason to pack your bags and head to the mountains in Utah, there is a wealth of reasons that outdoor enthusiasts should consider Sa...more
10/04/2012, by Marie LeRose -- Mothers with multiple children know the juggling and the angst of finding meaningful time in your day or even during the week to bond with just one child at a time. With the back-to-school routine in place, that challenge becomes even harder, as “quality” time means helping w...more
10/01/2012, by Eric Peterson -- Are you a penny pincher with wanderlust? Don’t fret; here is our guide to riding and enjoying five different ski-centric locations while sticking to the budget. Ski vacations run the gamut from romantic getaways for two in high-style luxury lodges to nine snowboarders crammed in a din...more
By Kate Mulcrone, Successful Meetings -- Everyboday loves brunch -- it's breakfast, but with a weekend wallop packed in. Here are 10 top hotels for brunch nationwide, along with some stories to help you get started planning. * SLC's Grand America's Garden Cafe ranks #8....more
Make it a priority to ski or ride all four of the Salt Lake area resorts during the 2012/2013 season, and save more money with every visit....more
Salt Lake City, Utah offers all the amenities and attractions of a big city, but is only minutes from scenic nature that provide recreational possibilities in all seasons....more
The Boston Globe, by Diane Daniel -- With former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney the Republican candidate for president, more eyes than ever are on his Mormon faith. No place is better for exploring the history and teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than here. But there’s much more to ...more
Allison Hyman-Tibaldi, Family Travel Forum -- My family’s recent stay at the luxurious Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah was surprisingly stress-free for everybody. Over the years, my children and I have stayed at some posh resorts that in theory accept children, but in reality were none too wel...more
PCMA Convene (Aug. 2012) -- Visit Salt Lake offers organizers of city-wide conventions a service that combines an organization's own social-media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs, with Visit Salt Lake's social-media channels....more
07/31/2012 -- DoubleTree by Hilton has announced the opening of an all suites hotel, located in downtown Salt Lake City and situated 15 minutes away from the Salt Lake City International Airport....more
SALT LAKE CITY, August 2012— An estimated record 27,000 manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to the outdoor industry will once again fill the Salt Palace Convention Center Aug. 2 - 5 during the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 expo, generating nearly $25 million in total visitor spending to Salt Lake and the ...more
by Victoria Abbott Riccardi, The Improper Bostonian -- Thanks to an influx of energetic, forward-thinking hipsters, Utah’s Salt Lake City—famous for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics and headquartering the Mormon religion—has become a magnet for visitors looking for outdoor fun in a stunning natural setting....more
City Creek Center, the regional shopping and dining destination that opened in March in downtown Salt Lake City, will soon welcome several more stores and restaurants: West Elm, The Art of Shaving and Sprint, along with Johnny Rockets and BRIO Tuscan Grille, will join the center’s premium tenant lineup in the com...more
Salt Lake City, Utah (July 23, 2012) – DoubleTree by Hilton proudly announces the opening of an upscale full-service all suites hotel, located in downtown Salt Lake City and situated just 15 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). The 241-room DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Salt Lake City is situ...more
Salt Lake City based event design company In The Event recently launched touch screen video modular units to be used as an interactive tool at their client’s events....more
07/18/2012 -- Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort has teamed up with Squatters Pubs and Beers to create the Full Suspension Mountain Bike Series, featuring an adrenaline-charged course through Snowbird’s diverse terrain....more
By Lee Davidson, The Salt Lake Tribune -- It’s a lofty statistic that may help keep an improving local economy on track: The Salt Lake City metro area’s trains and buses now rank as the nation’s best in connecting people to jobs....more
The Salt Lake Tribune -- Salt Lake City International Airport once again has been rated by the U.S. Department of Transportation as the best airport in the country for on-time arrivals....more
Di Lewis, -- David Burton received Visit Salt Lake’s Tourism Achievement Award for his involvement in the creation of City Creek. The annual award honors residents and community organizations for outstanding efforts in supporting tourism in Salt Lake County and the mission of Visit Salt Lake....more
07/05/2012, by Di Lewis -- David Burton received Visit Salt Lake’s Tourism Achievement Award for his involvement in the creation of City Creek. The annual award honors residents and community organizations for outstanding efforts in supporting tourism in Salt Lake County and the mission of Visit Salt Lake. B...more
Sarah Cutler, -- You’ve most likely seen the continual upgrades in Salt Lake City for a more bike-friendly community. There are the green stripes in some car lanes indicating that bikes may use the entire lane and additional bike-only lanes on the sides of roads—and soon you can add community bike...more
Private Clubs, by Hilary Nangle -- Development frenzy has gripped this Mormon stronghold, giving the reinvented downtown a stylish vibe. Here, six new additions you don't want to miss....more