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Salt Lake City is Sharpening its Creative Edge

Published: 10/09/2015

Word is out that Greater Salt Lake has been quite rapidly transforming from a highly traditional, tranquil place to a much more diverse, lively metropolitan scene. The towns that comprise the area boast cutting-edge features and attractions that would do New York City and Los Angeles proud.

“Salt Lake is not the quiet, conservative town of yore,” says Scott Beck, president and CEO of Visit Salt Lake. “Far from it—in fact, we’ve experienced a sea of change in dining, nightlife and culture over the past decade. And to the uninformed bellyachers whose conception of Salt Lake is 10 years old, we say,” The website features a plethora of exciting options.

The transformation perhaps is most vividly displayed in the area’s entertainment scene, which features intriguing bars and clubs, as well as a wide array of music and inventive comedy venues.

Visitors may be surprised by the many unusual, captivating—and in some cases, downright bizarre—entertainment options in Salt Lake City and Park City, both very popular cities among meeting groups. 

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is nestled between the Wasatch Mountains on the east and the Great Salt Lake to the west. The city is home to 191,180 people, and the Greater Salt Lake area has a population of 1,153,340. The area has an impressive array of hotels, resorts and conference centers that can accommodate all types of meetings.

“It’s an attractive area to groups because of its accessibility, affordability and the welcoming, service-oriented nature of the hospitality community,” Beck says. “Not to mention the incredible venues and space for groups of any size to gather, connect and make progress on their collective goals.” 

Also luring meeting groups are the exhilarating outdoor recreational possibilities only about an hour’s drive away. The area boasts some of the country’s best ski and snowboard resorts, and miles of terrific mountain trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Still unbeknownst to many, when the sun goes down, the metropolitan area offers a variety of unusual entertainment options, from eclectic clubs to burlesque shows.