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Oct 28
Culinary Crafts “Dinner and the Arts” Pop-up Restauran
Celebrate the arrival of Broadway shows to Salt Lake City, and ...
Oct 29
Day of the Dead Celebration
The Day of the Dead celebration at the Cultural Center brings c...
Oct 30
The Naked and Famous
The Naked and Famous are a New Zealand indie electronic band fr...
Nov 1
Mac Miller
Mac Miller is dropping his new album, The Divine Feminine, this...
Nov 1
The University of Utah's 26th Annual Ski Affair Gala
Benefitting the J. Willard Marriott Library’s Utah Ski Archives...
Nov 2
The Head and the Heart
ArtTix is the official source for tickets for Live at the Eccle...
Nov 5
Donut Dash 5K
We’re challenging you to a unique biathlon that raises your hea...
Nov 5
Salt Lake City Shred Fest
We are beyond excited to announce Salt Lake City Shred Fest is ...
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2015’s Best (& Worst) Cities for Summer Travel: Salt Lake #5

Published: 06/04/2015
By John S Kiernan, WalletHub -- School’s out, the mercury’s rising and, for some folks, tax refunds have yet to be spent. What does this mean for millions of Americans? Time to plan their perfect summer getaways. Americans of all ages — but Baby Boomers and Traditionalists especially — plan to travel and increase their travel spending this summer compared with the same time in 2014, according to travel and tourism research firm D.K. Shifflet & Associates.

And while the younger generations also intend to boost their travels during the warmer months, their budgets tend to fall heavier on the side of frugal. Millenials in particular will spend about $2,300 on their vacations, nearly $500 less than the $2,788 budget of the average American traveler.

So in order to supplement CardHub’s money-saving travel insight through its Currency Exchange and Best Travel Credit Card studies, WalletHub identified the most fun-filled and wallet-friendly summer destinations in the U.S. We did so by first analyzing flights from the six largest airport hubs in the U.S. to the 80 largest metropolitan statistical areas, or MSAs, spanning July 11 to July 19. In total, we examined 13 key metrics, among which are the cost of the cheapest flight, the number of attractions in each summer vacation spot and other costs once at the destination. Our findings, as well as expert travel commentary and a detailed methodology, link to the full article by clicking the "Click Here to Read More" below.